Kennel Rates

Our nightly rates include a customized feeding program, beds and bedding, and throughout the day snacking. As explained below, we rarely impose a Noontime checkout charge. DON’T BE FOOLED BY OPERATIONS THAT CHARGE YOU A FULL NIGHT’S BOARD WHEN YOU CHECKOUT AT 1PM, OR CHARGE 8 DAYS FOR A 7 NIGHT STAY, OR MAKE YOU WAIT UNTIL MONDAY IF YOU CAN’T PICKUP BY SATURDAY NOON. Or charge $7 for a snack! That must be a bummer for the dog who watches another dog get a snack while he doesn’t.

Nightly Boarding Rates Effective 07/01/2014 

Very Small
Very Large
$20 $22 $26 $30 $35
X $17 $18 $19 $20

*Many dogs will be “tweeners”, i.e. $24, $28 or $32. Our ‘size’ designations consider the size of the pet, the size of the room the pet requires, and the amount of work involved in the pet’s care. Until we have some experience with a particular pet our boarding charge will be based on our experience with “comparable” animals considering breed, size, age, and health. Subsequent reservation charges will be based on our experience with the particular pet. Because your dog’s rate is being calculated by the people who are delivering the care, we charge for our work based on actual experience, not an arbitrary classification like weight. A mellow 75 lb Golden Retriever will often be less work than a high-strung 45 lb Wheaton Terrier.

Multiple Pets receive a 15% discount if boarded together, 5% if boarded separately.

Medication Charges: in food $0.50, in mouth $1.00; Ear & Eye Ointments $1.50.

Checkout Charges: In general we do not impose checkout charges; the only exceptions occur on summer weekends and certain times during major holidays when we are filled to capacity. If you are looking to drop off a pet on a busy Saturday or Sunday morning, you may have to reserve your space from the afternoon before, or if you are looking to pickup on a busy Friday or Saturday afternoon, you may have to reserve the space until the next day.  In any case there will be a three-night minimum charge on any summer weekend or major holiday.  (Two dogs for two nights will satisfy this requirement). These are the only two circumstances in which there will be anything resembling a checkout charge.

Off-hour accommodation: We try to be flexible if you need a somewhat earlier or later check-in or checkout than indicated by our scheduled office hours. We work these out on a case by case basis and may include a modest fee. The only exceptions are Saturday after 2PM and Sunday, outside our Courtesy hour.

Third Party Dropoffs & Pickups: We discourage them since we hope to develop solid business relationships over time. That is made difficult when we’re trying to communicate pertinent information through third parties. We recognize that sometimes third party involvement is necessary, but if your motivation is to shave a couple of dollars off your boarding bill, please consider if you’re being “penny wise, pound foolish”. In any event you will need to make payment arrangements, and you will be responsible for driving directions, and for communicating with the third party.

Miscellaneous charges
that are not specified here, e.g., driving a dog to its veterinarian, are calculated at a labor rate of $17.50/hour (kennel), $50/hour (grooming room) plus expenses.