Quality Time at Brookline Kennels

One of the most common lines of inquiry that we hear in this age of dog parks, doggie day care, and puppy playgroups concerns outside exercise. Briefly stated we think that the quality of the time your dog spends in his run is more important than the time he spends out of it.

You can choose to arrange a Boarding Package which includes a daily one-on-one session over and above our normal ongoing interaction with your dog. These packages will increase your nightly boarding rate by $3.   For most dogs this one-on-one session will be conducted in our fenced-in exercise yard.  However, if we think your dog will benefit more from lap-time than running around, that’s what we’ll provide.

Finally, if your dog is one of those who requires a walk before he’ll attend to his business, the Boarding Package will be required.

You can also ask for a fixed number of Quality Time sessions, at a cost of $5 each.  If you are boarding more than one dog, they will all be covered by the $5 charge— time, weather and staff levels permitting. You must provide us with a budget amount or some clear guideline. This is because we sometimes get conflicting messages from different family members. Please bear in mind that we’re not pushing these extra sessions. Very few dogs we encounter want or need as much exercise as their owners think they do.

Finally, if you have reason to think your pet will only adapt to his 60 square foot space if he’s exercised to the point of physical exhaustion, please say so. If your suspicions are correct we are not the right kennel for your dog. If your dog regularly participates in a day care program which features hours of exercise each day, he will likely find our setting too confining.

At this time we do not feature group playtimes because they require staffing levels that exceed our resources. However once we are familiar with your dog we will, if you prefer, pair him up with another dog of comparable size and energy. We will not put more than two dogs together with one staff member, unless of course they live together and get along well.