Cat Boarding Freehold NJ

Because we only have 8 cat pens, 6 doubles and 2 singles, we primarily board cats whose families are also boarding a dog. If you only board a cat, but you do so often during non-peak periods, you will receive priority consideration during major holidays. If you only board a cat, and you mainly travel during school vacations, it is unlikely we will be able to accommodate you at all.

Our cat pens have three levels. Food and water go on the bottom level in the opposite corner from the litter box, which is cleaned at least once daily. The cats will use the other levels for climbing and resting, and how often they move from shelf to shelf is a good barometer of their adjustment.

Many cat owners characterize their cats as “finicky”, and prefer to bring the cat’s preferred variety of food. Our experience however is that most cats like one or another of our premium low-ash low-magnesium can and dried foods.

Unlike dogs, who like to investigate with their sniffers, cats orient themselves visually, and do not require lots of walking around room. (If yours is an indoor/outdoor cat, we recommend an overnighter to determine if she’ll find the space too confining). Indoor cats exercise isometrically, which is easily accomplished against the doors of our four- foot high pens. We don’t usually recommend an overnighter for indoor cats, unless there are health related issues, simply because most cats will get into a snit after a car ride in a carrier. It is not until they’ve been here nearly 24 hours that most cats regain their good humor.

Similarly many owners are disappointed that their cats don’t seem happy to see them at checkout time. This is because they really don’t want to get back into that carrier, or contend with the moving car…It is the owner’s responsibility to get his or her cat out of its carrier at drop-off, and back in at pickup.