The 3 C’s


Brookline Kennels is a family owned and operated fifty–run dog boarding facility offering a high level of custodial care to family pets. Both our kennel buildings are heated, air-conditioned, and feature state-of-the-art air purification technology. The floors are quarry tile, making them much more comfortable than concrete floors. Our runs are indoor/outdoor and vary from 40 to 90 square feet in size. The outer portions feature polymer roofs. In the winter the building is wrapped with greenhouse-type sheeting. (No matter the season your dog is shielded from the elements).

Because we are a small staff we are able to provide what we call “continuity of caregiver”, which is reassuring to pets that are temporarily separated from their family (pack).

The care day typically begins around 7AM and ends around midnight all year long, although we are not continuously present. Our daily routines are designed to insure a lot of interaction with each of our guests each day; our evening biscuit runs aim to forestall “night nerves”.


A distinguishing characteristic of the boarding business is its seasonality, which essentially corresponds to the school calendar. When schools are in session (Regular Season), we nearly always have vacancies; when schools are closed (Peak Season) we frequently have to turn away a lot of nice dogs because we are out of room. For this reason our business hours, boarding rates, policies, and practices vary according to the season. Business hours and care hours are not the same. See our Calendar page for details.


A cost comparison of kennel rates is misleading until hours of operation, business days, check-in and checkout policies, and other charges are factored into the mix.  A comparison of “value” as opposed to cost is impossible without a careful inspection of the facility; e.g., how much is air-conditioning worth in August? Although we are not the cheapest kennel, we are far from the most expensive. See our Rates page for details.