Customer Relations Brookline Kennels

We want all our guests and owners to be satisfied with their experience. In order to realize that aspiration we go out of our way to determine in advance if a dog might not be well suited for our facility. Some people become upset at our questions about their dog’s behavior and health. We’re sorry they feel that way, but we have determined through years of experience that certain types of dogs, whom we designate “very high energy” or “very high neediness” simply cannot adapt to our setting. If we suspect that your dog may be such an animal, we will require at least one overnighter before we commit to the significant responsibility of providing for his care while you are away. As we have noted elsewhere, our business is highly seasonal; thus we cannot undertake these trial boards during summer weekends or major holidays.

Even if your pup is low or medium energy or neediness, if he has never been away from you, we’re convinced that he will benefit from a visit to our office, and a day visit and/or an over-nighter prior to your actual trip.

Getting used to kenneling is like any other experience—riding in a car, going to the groomer, walking properly on a leash—most dogs learn by repetition. The more often they come here the more positive the boarding experience becomes. These first contacts “desensitize” the pup to the separation experience. For these reasons we do not do our bookings on a “first come, first served” basis. Although the conventional wisdom is ‘make your kennel reservations early’, we do not take bookings for new dogs for dates when we already know we’ll be full. We prefer to hold high demand spaces for the dogs with whom we’ve already established supportive relationships. In fact, once we’ve become familiar with particular dogs and owners we usually put them into one of four “clubs” based on their travel patterns in order to minimize their chances of being shut out here. (We can never guarantee that some dogs won’t be shut out because we only have 50 runs, and only 30 of them are appropriate for large dogs).

One Final Note: Many people who call us only make short trips during major holidays or over summer weekends. Unfortunately these reservations are the hardest to fill and will frequently have to be put on a Wait List.