About Brookline Kennels Freehold NJ

Brookline Kennels Pet BoardingWe met while we worked at St. Agatha’s Home in Nanuet, N.Y. We managed a group residence for abused, dependent and neglected teenaged girls. We enjoyed the creative challenges of providing effective care in a “24/7” environment.

We left St. Agatha’s to find “real jobs” and begin a family, only to discover that we missed working together. So in 1990, when the opportunity arose to become the fourth owners of Brookline Kennels, we decided to give it a go. Fortunately, the previous owners had a very talented staff, who gave us valuable on the job training. A number of veterinarians were very generous with their expert guidance as well.

We applied the observational skills we had developed at St. Agatha’s to the controlled environment of the kennel. During our first few years we identified several distinct behavior patterns, and refined our methods of responding to each. Over the course of time it became clear to us that we were not properly equipped to respond to a couple of types of canine behavior. Consequently we no longer try to provide care for dogs that are unusually noisy, nasty, or dirty.

After we gave up boarding these “3 per-centers”, we were amazed how the atmosphere in the kennels changed. Previously nervous and shy dogs started coming out of their shells. Appetites generally improved. Real bonding between caregiver and guest took place. With repeated visits the bonds deepened. Now the vast majority of the animals we care for walk us into the kennel.

Because it’s only a short stroll from our home to the kennels we take a “family farm” approach to the care of our guests. During our business hours (which vary according to seasonal demand) there is concentrated interaction and care. During the rest of the day there is a lot of checking up, and frequent biscuit runs.

We are very “hands on” operators where the care of our guests is concerned. Our son, Chris, literally grew up caring for dogs. Due to the seasonal nature of the business we sometime enlist part-time help, but it is rare that one of us isn’t on site. We are convinced that this “continuity of caregiver” facilitates most dogs’ adjustment to their new surroundings.

After 25 years of up close and personal interaction with thousands of dogs we are still fascinated by their sensitivity and intelligence. Most dogs recognize and respond to that appreciation of their specialness. We hope your best friend will too.