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Welcome to Brookline Kennels!

Thank you for visiting our website. Our purpose is to have complete answers to the questions that prospective boarders most often ask. Because we are a smaller operation than most, we don’t have a full time receptionist to man the phones. Think of this site as our “virtual receptionist”. You can also make a "virtual inspection" by watching our 3 1/2 minute video:

We are introducing ourselves to pet owners in the central Jersey area who are unfamiliar with us. Perhaps you are a new pet owner, new to the area, or for one reason or another are considering making a change to your current care arrangements.

Like a job, the best time to look for a kennel is when you don’t need one. Many of the people we speak with express concern that their pet will not adapt well to kenneling. Their worries fall into three broad categories—the pet will not get enough attention…he might become sick…he might be traumatized.

We respect these concerns. You wouldn’t be much of a pet owner if you didn’t have some…We hope you will be reassured when we tell you that in our experience 97% (29 out of 30) of the pets who stay with us adjust nicely. If your worries arise simply because this will be a new experience for you, your pet, or both of you, you can resolve most doubts by arranging a one-night “sleepover” before your actual trip. Our Customer Relations page discusses this idea in more detail.

Because different kennels emphasize different aspects of the same basic service, in the following pages we will focus on the distinguishing characteristics of our operation. Our experience is that customers’ questions fall under one of the three C’s – Care, Convenience, Cost – so we recommend that you begin with the 3 C’s page.

We hope our website will support your efforts to make the best possible arrangements for your dog when you are away; even if you decide on another arrangement, e.g., a pet sitter in your home, a pet sitter in her home, your brother-in-law, or a larger “full service” boarding facility. Sy Syms said it first, but we agree wholeheartedly, “An educated consumer is our best customer”. If you are pressed for time and cannot presently review the whole website, or if you've been here before and just need a memory jog...

After you're finished with our website, if you think we might be your best option, please give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you and meeting your pup personally…

Cathy & Mark Engleman, Proprietors

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